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What is Hustle Summit?


Hustle Summit is the event every young pro needs to get started. 


You've been to a career fair - and it sucked, right? Hustle Summit is so much more. We're bringing together the coolest companies in the city - like BuzzFeed, Univision, Madison Square Garden, Blue Apron, and more - to give you the chance to meet them and show them what you've got. 


Throughout the day, we'll provide plenty of opportunities for you to learn more about our Hustle Summit employers and what they look for, as well as to get to know your fellow hustlers. 


Once you've built your empire, you can party with your new friends at the Hustle Summit After-Party. Grab a drink at the bar (or a Coke, if you're under 21) and listen to our DJ spin your favorite summer jams. After a long day of hustling, you deserve to party.

Can I give Hustle Summit as a gift?


Absolutely! Hustle Summit is the perfect gift for the student, recent grad, or young pro in your life. If you purchase Hustle Summit tickets in your name, you'll receive a form afterwards where you can update the information with the name and email of the person you're giving it to.

WTF do you mean by hustle?


We're glad you asked. The hustle is working hard, taking action, and not waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap. This is the hustle.

What's this FindSpark thing I keep hearing about?


FindSpark is a community by and for the most ambitious diverse young pros out there. We're the largest Meetup for interns and young pros in the country, producing 200+ programs with other 20,000 members...and we're just getting started. We're producing this awesome event, and we can't wait to meet you.


Where is Hustle Summit?


Hustle Summit takes place at NYC's iconic Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003), conveniently located right by the N, Q, R, 4, 5, 6, and L trains. Click here to see it on a map.

Who's it for?


This event is for the young and hungry. If you're an ambitious college student or young professional (i.e., you've got up to 3 years of real-world work experience), we want to see you there.

Can I arrive late?


For sure. While we strongly recommend you take advantage of every second of this opportunity, we understand that you might have a job or internship that takes up some of your time. Come when you can, and make the most of your time at Hustle Summit. Our VIP tickets give you early entry at 4pm, and doors for GA tickets open at 5:30pm.

How big is this event? Sounds kinda scary!


Don't worry, we make sure all our events are casual and actually fun. Hustle Summit will have 500+ attendees and dozens of hiring companies. That's 500+ new connections and friends who can support and help you throughout your career. If that sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath - we promise a top-notch experience for every single one of you.

What should I bring?


This is your chance to show these companies what you've got - so come prepared. Bring your resume, portfolio, business cards, a device to show off your personal website - anything that will give these companies a better idea of what you bring to the table. And if you're 21, don't forget your ID for the after-party.

Any tips for getting the money together to attend?


Your career is an investment - you need to put in $$ now to make $$ later. We do a lot to make sure this event is worth way more than the ticket price. But we understand the struggle. Because we want to help you get here, we have some ideas to help out:


  • Ask your boss or HR department if they can subsidize part of the ticket cost for your professional development.

  • Get a short-term, part-time or freelance job to earn some extra cash. Check out these part-time job ideas for inspiration.

  • Commit to putting aside a certain percentage of your paycheck until you've saved up enough for the event.

  • Pick a luxury item you like to buy yourself often - like lattes, Netflix, happy hours - and give it up for however long you need to save up the money.

  • Ask for Hustle Summit for your birthday.


You can also apply to be a Hustle Summit Fellow or Scholar by January 5th at 11:59pm EST.

I'm hiring and / or have something to promote. I want to show off my company at this event - how can I get involved?


We'd love to have you there! Contact us to learn more about connecting with NYC's most ambitious millenials as an employer, sponsor, or both.

I'm looking for a job or internship - should I come to Hustle Summmit? 


F*ck yeah. New York's best companies - who are all hiring, right now - will be there just to meet you. Your career is a long-term game. The people you meet at Hustle Summit could have an impact on your career now, in a year, in two years; you never know what could happen. Bring your resume and your game face.

I'm not looking for a job or internship - should I come to Hustle Summit?


Absolutely yes. Meet people, help others, make connections. You never now how the people you meet at Hustle Summit could help you down the line.

I don't have any work experience, but I want to get some - is Hustle Summit for me?


We love meeting eager young pros who are looking to get a foot in the door. However, this event is geared towards those with at least a one internship under their belt, who are qualified for the crazy cool positions are employers are hiring for. We want leaders who demonstrate hustle in and out of the office, including freelancers and side hustlers. If you don't have a solid resume to hand out, this event isn't for you.

I'm having trouble getting my tickets on LiveNation.


We're so sorry to hear that, but we hope to resolve any issues you have with this video and recommend doing it through desktop instead for a much better experience. If you're still having problems after watching our ScreenCast, reach out to us and we'll assists you.

Do I need to be 21 to attend Hustle Summit or the after-party?


Nope! This event is for all ages. We'll be serving drinks at the bar, so bring your ID if you're 21+. Otherwise, you can enjoy a soda with your new buds - but please, don't even try with that fake ID.

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