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11 Reasons to Recruit at Hustle Summit

Connect with hundreds of intern to mid-level candidates in-person and our digital community of 28,000+ FindSpark members.

We attract diverse, ambitious talent from all backgrounds. Over 50% of our community identifies as African American, Hispanic, or Asian, 70% of which are female, and represent 500+ schools.

Be a Hustle Summit Employer


Recruiting at a career fair can be tedious and uninspiring, but it doesn’t have to be! Hustle Summit, an epic networking event produced by FindSpark, is the opposite of your typical career fair. Happens throughout the year in New York City and Chicago, Hustle Summit will bring together more than 500 motivated young professionals, hungry for the perfect internship or entry-to-mid-level job.

What makes Hustle Summit different? Why should you recruit at our event? The reasons are endless, but here are a few of our favorites.

Efficient: You’ll meet diverse candidates from hundreds of colleges and universities.

When recruiting on a university campus, many of those you meet are part of the same program, enrolled in the same classes, and have the same experiences. At Hustle Summit, our attendees come from all over the country and have a variety of backgrounds. We are several dozen college career fairs rolled into one!

Long Term Gains: You’ll build your pipeline for years to come.

The majority of FindSpark members stay active in our community for several years. You’ll meet candidates at Hustle Summit that are not only perfect for your current openings, but for future openings, as well. We make it easy to meet talent AND stay in touch, so you’ll continue profiting long after the summit ends.

Save Time: We help you cut through the clutter of resumes...

Rather than having to sort through piles of anonymous resumes, you’ll get to meet each candidate in person. A cover letter is telling, but an in-person intro is all the more so. Recruiting at Hustle Summit saves you time—and potential headaches—by letting you find out immediately what sort of candidates you’re dealing with. (Hint: they’re awesome.)

...but you’ll still get lots of great resumes.

Worried you won’t get the chance to meet every person you want to? No sweat! We’ll send you a digital resume book of every Hustle Summit attendee. Spend less time preoccupied with collecting paper resumes and more time having quality one-on-one sessions with your potential future employees.

Brand Awareness: There is employer branding galore.

We give our employers ample table space with lots of room for creativity. You’re encouraged to bring as many representatives as your package allows—more hands on deck means more opportunities to get the word out! Plus, your brand will be promoted heavily on our social media accounts before, during, and after the summit. Every attendee will know your company’s name.

Easy: We make it simple for you to participate.

Before the event, we’ll send you an employer kit with everything you need to know about Hustle Summit; what to expect, how to promote your company, and more. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you’ll stay updated throughout the process with minimal effort required.

The environment is cool, relaxed, and fun.

The venue sets the tone for any event, and let’s be real: no one enjoys spending the entire day in a sterile hotel ballroom or echoey school gymnasium. Hustle Summit is held at some of the world’s most famous concert venues—Irving Plaza in New York City and House of Blues in Chicago. We favor lower lighting over fluorescent bulbs and a cash bar over a punch bowl. Our atmosphere lets both you and our attendees feel at ease, allowing for more meaningful and productive networking.

Meet other awesome recruiters, hiring managers, and diversity & inclusion pros.

Leading up to Hustle Summit, our Kickoff Night is an exclusive networking event for our employer reps, Hustle Summit mentors, and the Hustle Summit scholars and fellows (a.k.a. some of our brightest attendees!). It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with other companies, as well as get a casual jumpstart on your recruitment efforts. You can invite any of your team members, even if they aren’t able to join your crew at Hustle Summit.

It’s fun!

Did we mention it’s fun? Smart, interesting people + innovative, cool companies + music, drinks, and lots of motivation = the best networking event of all time. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Schedule a free employer branding strategy call and to discuss Hustle Summit today:

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