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7 reasons to attend Hustle Summit, An Epic Networking Event

You’ve heard about Hustle Summit and you think it sounds awesome… but you haven’t bought a ticket yet. Uncertainty is holding you back; you’re trying to determine if it’ll be worth the time and money—two valuable commodities for anyone, especially a young pro.

Here’s the truth: your future is worth investing in. We want to set you up with opportunities and resources to elevate your career now and for years to come. Hustle Summit does exactly that. Here’s how:

You’ll meet companies that are hiring… now and in the future

Whether you’re actively looking for an internship or job, or you’re just starting to think about your next move, the companies at Hustle Summit want to talk to you. They are hiring for all sorts of interesting, creative roles, and many will continue to be hiring down the line. The reps that you network with now may very likely become the folks behind your next job offer.

Your resume will be given to the right people

The company representatives at Hustle Summit aren’t random employees; they’re the people in charge of hiring. When you chat with them, you’re going straight to the source. In the event you aren’t able to visit with every company on your wish list, you’re still covered: each Hustle Summit attendee will have their resume included in a digital resume book that gets sent out to all of our employers. You’ll also be invited to join our private Facebook group, where the conversation and networking continues long after the summit is over.

You’ll connect with peers in similar and different industries

Some of the most resourceful and interesting people you’ll meet at Hustle Summit will be your peers! Peer-to-peer networking is just as (if not more!) important than networking with employers. They’re going through the same hustle as you and can share tips, advice and encouragement that’s worked for them in the past. So often young pros who cultivate friendships end up helping each other get work down the line!

You can practice (and perfect!) your pitch in a fun, laid-back environment

Pitching yourself and your work to an employer can be intimidating. We work hard to keep the environment at Hustle Summit laid-back, welcoming and fun. Our employers are here because they want to get to know you and hear about your amazing skills and passions… so tell them! This judgment-free zone is the perfect place to fine-tune your pitch, giving you the confidence to take it out into the world once Hustle Summit is over.

You can explore new opportunities in a low stress way

Thinking about making a career change but don’t know where to start? Hustle Summit is a great place. Our event is filled with people from all different networks, industries and backgrounds who would love to tell you their story (and likely pick your brain in return!). Even if you’re in field you absolutely love, challenge yourself to chat with a company or individual that’s part of a different industry. You never know how your perspective might change or how you’ll be inspired!

We help you prepare ahead of time

The worst part of any interview or networking event is simply getting ready for it. What do you wear? What do you bring? What do you say when you’re finally there? Don’t sweat: we give our attendees access to pre-event virtual workshops and recordings that answer these questions (and many more!). We extensively cover nerve-racking topics like your resume, your pitch, and your online presence. Prepare ahead of time, and by the time Hustle Summit rolls around, you’ll feel as confident as a CEO.

You get loads of sweet perks

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when that stuff is awesome. Hustle Summit attendees get a ton of sweet perks, like free shipping on MOO business cards, chances to win career coach sessions from Dev Bootcamp, prizes from Wix, FindSpark and Hustle Summit swag, and more. Plus, all Chicago and VIP New York attendees should get ready to spruce up their LinkedIn profiles, because we’re also offering free professional headshots.

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