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The Underused Networking Hack That Landed This Student Her Dream Internship

It was the night before Hustle Summit, I was reading through the mentor bios on the website and came across someone who was working at McCann named Nura. I had had my eyes on McCann for a long time, it was my dream agency and as an incoming junior that fall, I wasn't confident that I had the experience or talent to get even an interview there.

As recommended by Emily during several virtual events leading up to Hustle Summit, I sent several notes to mentors on LinkedIn noting things we had in common and how I'd love to meet them at the event. Following suit, I sent a similar connection request to Nura.

The next day, I was geared with resumes, fresh-off-the-printer business cards, and adrenaline. When I got to Irving Plaza, the venue was buzzing and I was happy to find it didn't look as intimidating as any other networking event I'd been to.

I made my way around most employers, unsure what each of them did. I had spent most of my time researching mentors, and fell short when it came to the employers. They were pleasant nonetheless and were happy to tell me what they did.

By the time I got to the Mentors' Lounge upstairs, the closing of the event was nearing and the line kept growing. I knew I couldn't meet Nura.

Despite the missed opportunity, I went home that night satisfied and refreshed by the vibes of some amazing people I'd met at the event.

I followed up with employers and some mentors I met and hoped to stay in touch. I didn't think much about not being able to meet Nura as I believe things fall into place when they need to.

A month later, I woke up to a surprise. Nura had accepted my connection requested and suggested we grab coffee. She said she hadn't seen anyone with my combination of interests and offered help if I wanted to learn more about the advertising industry.

We grabbed coffee a month later and she eventually offered me a tour of the offices and when the summer internship applications rolled around, she suggested I fill out the app and offered to be a referral.

I was humbled that she would think I would be a fit there, but I had really liked the office and the people sounded amazing- so I gave it a shot. After an interview, creative video submission, and three months later, I was offered a position as the only social strategy intern for the summer.

I was in disbelief up until the very first day I walked in to the office. I was also aware of this opportunity I had gotten and have been working hard over the past month and a half to make the most of it.

I want to thank everyone at FindSpark for helping me get over the stigmas I associated with networking and connecting me with many inspiring people who help me to get sh*t done everyday.

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