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Guide to Getting a Head Start for Hustle Summit

The big day’s right around the corner! Hustle Summit–an epic networking night by FindSpark–is coming to NYC and Chicago ! If you really want to soak up every opportunity that Hustle Summit brings, and impress the heck out of awesome employers and mentors from Droga5, Yelp, KBS, EILEEN FISHER, CB Insights, Macmillan Publishers and more, be sure to check these items off your list:

Prep your paper goods

We’re talking having your business cards and resume edited and printed so employers can have something to hang on to from you. After all, your business card can leave a lasting impression on employers, so make sure it’s as unique as you are! For awesome biz cards that are sure to stand out, visit our partners, MOO. Pack a little cash for the coat check and a phone charger too,

Does your resume need an overhaul? Register for our free virtual webinar here.

Check the guest list

Good news- you can check out exactly which recruiters and mentors are going to be there. Everyone’s LinkedIn is listed so you can check for backgrounds and any shared connections! After all, that’s the best way to help other pros remember you when networking.

Say what you need to say

By no means have a script memorized, but having an idea of what you want to say to a recruiter can help get the conversation flowing. Does the idea of talking to recruiters freak you out? We’re hosting a free virtual event to answer your questions and help you stand out!

Take a deep breath

Even though Hustle Summit has a way cooler atmosphere than a typical career fair, appearing calm and collected to a recruiter can be a little challenging if your nerves are running high. It sounds a little silly, but practicing some breathing techniques before the event can help you relax enough to start a conversation on the right foot.

Take care of yourself

If you arrive at the event tired or hungry, it’s going to be hard to bring your networking A-game! The week leading up to the event to make sure you’re turning off Netflix earlier to get enough some extra Z’s, get some exercise, and make sure to eat a balanced diet. Ok sorry for the mom advice, but we want you to feel your best!

Still want more tips? Watch this short video created by amazing FindSpark member, Gianna Giralamo!

Want to network with employers and mentors from top companies, like Droga5, AMC Networks, Yelp, KBS, West Elm, EILEEN FISHER, TEKsystems, CB Insights, Better Cloud, IPG MEdiabrands & more? Get tickets to Hustle Summit today:

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