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11 Essential Steps to Prepare for Your First Day of Work

You landed the interview, you got the job–you got the job!–and now it’s time to put in the work. Being the company newbie can be intimidating, but it’s also your chance to make a solid first impression.

Want to dazzle your new work fam? Make sure you check off all the items on this essential first day of work checklist:

Pick an outfit the night before

Wear something you feel extra confident in on your first day. Make sure it follows the dress code at your new office. Need outfit inspiration? We’ve got you covered with these tips.

Pack the necessary electronics

Ask your office manager if there’ll be in-office computers or chargers that you can use. Be sure to pack anything that won’t be provided at the office.

Coffee run- yes or no?

Is there a coffee or espresso machine at your office? If so, you might want to skip your morning Starbucks run to make a fresh cup with your new coworkers. Don’t assume, however that there will be coffee in your office. If you need your morning coffee, ask an office manager or a coworker, so you don’t wind up feeling drowsy and half-alive your first day.

Give yourself 10 minutes of buffer time to arrive

You won’t regret it. If Google Maps or Waze says it takes 20 minutes to get there, give yourself 45 extra minutes. Traffic and public transit delays strike when you least expect them to, and being rushed or, worse, late is no good.

Make sure you have at least one person’s phone number

Unexpected setback on your first day? It happens. Make sure you’re able to reach at least one of your coworkers on the phone or by email to let them know in a timely fashion.

Familiarize yourself with your building’s sign-in process

You may need to bring an ID, get an employee badge or sign some forms on your way up. Allow extra time for sign-in. Ask someone if you’ll need to bring ID and what other sign-in procedures you’ll go through.

Look up and connect with your new work fam on LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Twitter.

Get pumped to meet your new work squad! If you’re an introvert, adding people on social can also help relieve your intro anxiety. One caveat to this tip: be careful not to add people on Facebook before you’ve met in person, or on any networks where they have their accounts set to private. Don’t rush your relationship–you’ll get there.

Have a few questions prepared to ask your manager and co-workers.

When you connect with them on social, take a second to browse their bios and recent activity. Asking thoughtful questions about their hobbies, interests and experience shows you care and makes a killer first impression.

If you can, keep your evening open.

Set aside an hour or two after work to ask questions, grab drinks with co-workers, and participate in whatever adventures your first day may bring.

Confidence with a side of confidence

It’s natural to feel some butterflies before your first day but if you find yourself setting negative expectations or brooding Will I be good enough for this job? Will I be as smart/stylish/witty/[fill in the blank]? Remember: you made it here because you’re awesome, and the only thing to do now is stay confident and give it your all.

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