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Hustle Summit Highlights: This is What an Epic Millennial Networking Event Looks Like

Last Friday, all of NYC's coolest companies were in one place: Hustle Summit. Every ambitious young pro in creative, business and tech came out to connect with recruiters and mentors from Droga5, EILEEN FISHER, Yelp, KBS, MTV, Ogilvy & Mather, CB Insights and so. many. more.

When you walk into Hustle Summit, you may think, This place too poppin' to be a networking event, Am I at the right venue? The answer is yes.

The FindSpark team makes sure that Hustle Summit is the most lit networking event you'll ever attend. Why? Because you can only show employers, mentors and other attendees your best self when you're actually having fun.

But don't take it from me. Scroll down to see the highlights from our latest epic networking night.

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Thanks to everyone who attended, hired, volunteered, and mentored at Hustle Summit. All of this awesomeness is thanks to you.

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