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The Best Places To Research Companies And Prep For Your Next Interview

Ever run into writer’s block when writing a cover letter?

All the time, you say? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

The reason is, most people only start to research companies they like days or even hours before they submit an application to work there.

Now, consider that from a hirer’s perspective. If you were to bring someone new on your team–if you were prepared to invest time and money in them, and trust them with your company–wouldn’t you want them to know and care (alot) about what you do? You sure would.

That’s why, when it comes to job applications, it pays so. much. to invest in research. Because that’s your key to showing a recruiter, a hiring manager, and prospective team members that you know, care and are prepared for this role.

So, whether or not you’ve applied for a role yet, you need to start stalking them–sorry, following them and the people who work there, in order to stay updated and actually have a clue what they’re all about when it comes time to apply or interview.

Not sure where to start looking for information? Here are a few places you can follow the companies you love, and the employees who work there:

  1. Twitter

  2. Facebook

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Pinterest

  5. Instagram- turn notifications ON!

  6. Eventbrite

  7. Angel List

  8. Google Plus

  9. Join their newsletter

  10. Look at their “press section”

  11. Follow the people who work there a. People who currently have your dream job b. Recruiters in your department c. People who would be your boss/manager if you got the job d. Interns- You can count on Gen Y & Z to post about everything, all the time

  12. If anyone at the company published a book, buy it

  13. Youtube channel

  14. Vimeo channel

  15. Look them up on Adweek/Forbes/FastCompany to see all their accomplishments

Start by researching top companies here.

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