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Hustle Summit's Over...Now What?

Don't miss Hustle Su​mmit on Thursday June 27th at Irving plaza in New York City:

You did it! Hustle Summit has come and gone and you've met some amazing people. Now what? Whether you attended Hustle Summit to chat with a mentor, find an internship or job, or build your network, it is always a great idea to follow up. Complete this must-do list of tips to make the most of your experience.

1. See all of those business cards that you've collected? Put them to use!

At Hustle Summit, you'll collect some great swag and lots of business cards. A neat trick is to jot down a tidbit about your the contact on the back of the card (or in your smartphone or notebook if business cards weren't exchanged) while the memory of the interaction is still fresh. These notes will help you later on in your follow-up. Speaking of which...

2. Craft a short e-mail to folks that you'd like to follow up with.

Send an personalized e-mail to each of your new contacts no more than two days after Hustle Summit ends. This is your chance to put your notes to use, mention any shared interests, send an invite for coffee, or set up an informational interview. You can even reach out to people that you didn't get a chance to connect with. More on that here.

3. Find these new connections on LinkedIn and send a customized invitation.

Keep your connections strong and send them a customized invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Don't be afraid to flatter them or ask for an introduction to someone in their network. Once you're connected, it will be easier to share updates with them and keep in touch. If you come across a blog or article that may interest them, share it with them! You'll come across as thoughtful and knowledgable. Who wouldn't like that? Here are even more great follow up tips.

4. Tell your friends about Hustle Summit, and stay involved by attending other FindSpark events with them.

Let your friends know about how much fun you had at Hustle Summit! Not only will you build your own network, but you will strengthen your friends' networks and knowledge too. Share your experience and pics on social media and be sure to mention #HustleSummit. Networking is often more fun with friends. Remember: community is everything.

5. Give yourself a pat on the back! You did it!

You did the prep work, met peers, potential employers and mentors, and then followed up. Take some time to acknowledge your hard work, reward yourself and keep a positive attitude!

Don't miss Hustle Su​mmit on Thursday June 27th at Irving plaza in New York City:

Christina Lynch is an Arts Professional with several years of experience in Festival Management, Live Event Production, and Marketing. She is also a two-time Hustle Summit veteran. She graduated from New York University in 2008 with a BA in Sociology and a Minor in Metropolitan Studies. In her spare time, she manages her side hustle as a Yoga Teacher. Connect with her on LinkedIn at

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