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How to Nail Your First Impression

In collaboration with our sponsor, H2O+ Beauty. H2O+ Beauty believes that hydration is the source of beautiful skin, beginning with the ultimate source, pure water.

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Then, continue on reading for tips on how to make the best possible first impression.


The pressure of leaving the perfect first impression is enough to get my feet cold, palms sweating, and insides fluttering. Even with 25 years of practice, I still get a bit nervous! Through the years (and reading the Internets), I’ve learned how to quell the nerves.

Whether it’s an interview, first day on the job, or an epic networking event like Hustle Summit, anyone can nail that first impression in a memorable, genuine way— including you.

Be well-rested

Prep for a big day of networking begins as early as the night before— with sleep.

Shuteye is an essential part of the day. It’s the reset button to let your body repower and brain unwind, so you can wake & shake the next morning.

How many hours of sleep do you need a night to feel rejuvenated the next day? If you don’t know yet, start keeping a log of when you sleep and wake up each day, noting your energy levels. Within a couple of weeks, you should notice some patterns and begin to develop an idea of the optimal amount of sleep you need each night (note I say, “need.” Beauty sleep is not a myth, people! Nor is it just for beauty, or a notion reserved for females).

Pro-tip: set an alarm for 30 minutes before your bedtime, and designate that half hour to winding-down. Close your computer and any other blue-light devices (yes, this includes your phone). Before bed, try journaling or reading, and lighting your favorite candle for optimal ambiance.

While washing up, remember to remove all makeup. We recommend H2O+ Beauty’s Elements Shaken not Stirred Makeup Remover, which makes it impossible for anyone to know when you’ve spent the night out and throwing on their Oasis Moisture Lock Mask before you hit the hay.

Want to get ahead? Pack your bag for the next day before sleeping.

For an extra pick-me-up in the morning, H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis Hydrating Eye Balm will brighten up the eye area to help you appear wide awake, even if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet. It actually contains a concentrated blast of caffeine to reduce circles. Who needs to drink coffee when you can just put it right on your face? Okay, we’d still drink the coffee.

Be hydrated

About 50-60% of the human body is made up of water, so it goes without saying that staying hydrated is vital.

For long days out and about, consider bringing with you a reusable, BPA-free water bottle like these by Contigo or S’well. It’s friendlier on the environment, and an effective, cost-efficient way to stay hydrated.

Pro tip: Take care of your skin for that natural glow! Remember to keep your skin hydrated with moisture-rich skin products, like H2O+ Beauty's Oasis Hydrating Treatment for 24-hour hydration.

Have a firm handshake

A great handshake is a major bonus in nailing the first impression. The person on the receiving end will always notice if yours is too harsh (squeezing the life out of their fingers), too gentle (put some umph in it!), or preferably, undeniably confident.

Some of you might be wondering, what makes a confident handshake?

  • Eye contact: Make and hold eye contact throughout. Eye contact shows confidence, establishes connection, and builds trust.

  • Length: no more than 3 to 4 seconds

  • Strength: Not too tight, not too loose. For a descriptive illustration, check out

  • Smile!!!

Pro tip: sweaty or clammy hands? No problem. Just quickly and subtly wipe them or warm them up beforehand. A quick way to warm up hands is to make a fist and pump your fingers a few times, or simply rub your hands together.

Bonus: Well-loved skin. No one wants to shake hands with a reptile! We recommend H2O+ Beauty's Specialty Care Hand & Nail Cream to help you deliver the perfect soft yet firm handshake.


Ever notice how laughter is contagious? So are smiles.

Smiles are a genuine way to exude confidence, and help the other person feel comfortable around you.

People like to be around others who are in a good mood, regardless of the situation— friendships, dating, work. Show that you’re a pleasant person to be around, and let that gorgeous smile light up your face!

Be confident

Luckily, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips with this thing call the Internet. Before attending an interview or networking event, do your research:

Know the companies, their open positions, how your past experience applies, and how the opportunity relates to your future goals. Know who you’re meeting (we condone healthy LinkedIn stalking). Know what inspires you about the company and the person, and why you can see yourself there— bonus points if you can do this on a professional and personal level.

Come prepared with questions. Every interview and meeting is an opportunity for you to pitch yourself, but also an opportunity for the company to attract the best talent— which could be you.

The above tips are little nuggets to add to your toolbox to elevate your existing glow. You’ve got a lot to offer to the world. Whatever your unique repertoire of skills, in combination with your dynamic personality and vision for the future, is your selling point.

Pay attention to details— stand tall, speak with charisma, dress confidently, and wear your skin proudly. Hone in on what makes you who you are, and unleash it.

In collaboration with our sponsor, H2O+ Beauty. H2O+ Beauty believes that hydration is the source of beautiful skin, beginning with the ultimate source, pure water. They attended Hustle Summit:

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