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21 Questions to Ask at Speed Networking Events

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Speed Networking events are a fun, fast-paced way to connect with a diverse group of awesome professionals in a short amount of time. In addition to pitching yourself, you'll get to hear each participant's pitch and even ask questions. However, you'll only have the chance to talk to each person for a few minutes, so it's really important to be prepared with questions that will keep the conversation flowing and make the most out of the time you have together.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. What's your favorite part of your job?

  2. How did you get into the role / industry you are in now?

  3. Did you always know that this is what you wanted to do with your career?

  4. What's your least favorite part of your job?

  5. What makes a resume stand out to you?

  6. What's been your biggest career struggle and how do you overcome it?

  7. What are your favorite productivity sites, tools, and apps?

  8. What would you assume I want to do based on my resume?

  9. I want people to know X, Y, and Z about me. Do you think my website / resume / LinkedIn / Twitter makes that clear?

  10. What's your favorite tip for preparing for interviews?

  11. What's been one of your biggest career accomplishments?

  12. I checked out your site/LinkedIn/social media profile, and saw that you (name specific experience). Can you share some insights into how you accomplished that?

  13. My most recent accomplishment was (fill in blank.) Do you have any thoughts on how I could position that experience to help me get to my next step, which is (fill in blank.)?

  14. I'm currently (explain something you're experience in current role). Do you have suggestions on how to deal with that situation?

  15. Do you have any favorite networking tips or tricks?

  16. Do you have examples of really good or really bad cold outreach you've received for informational interviews?

  17. Do you have any tips for recent grads just starting out?

  18. What do you want to do next?

  19. Do you have a side hustle?

  20. What are some of your favorite things to do / watch / read for inspiration?

  21. Is there anyone else in your network you think I should speak with

You won't have time to ask all of these questions, so pick the ones that are most relevant to you and what you are interested in learning about the other person. Don't forget to thank each and every participant for their time when you are done!

What are your favorite questions to ask at Speed Networking events? Let us know in the comments!

Don't miss Hustle Su​mmit on Thursday June 27th at Irving plaza in New York City:

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